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This is more than just a job and you are more than just another couple. We want exceptional for you and work our a*sses off to make sure that your hopes, dreams and vision for your day are always top priority. 

As an award winning, internationally published, North Texas based wedding photography team, we value your ability to enjoy your wedding day in a way that feels natural and authentic to you. By eliminating forced recreated photo ops, you have the freedom to enjoy those moments leading into your "I DO" however you'd like without interruption from us.  Whether your wedding be here in North Texas, off the coast of Santorini, tucked away in the snow of Switzerland or among the hustle and romance of Paris- we are ready to capture your love story!  Let's grab a drink, kick this party off and celebrate the heck our of you and your forever person!

As a Dallas based documentary wedding photographers with over 10+ years of experience, we are so stoked that you've stumbled across our happy corner of cyberspace! We know you have a million options out there and are honored you're taking the time to discover us. 

Couples who are a little quirky, down to party, and up for an epic adventure as they journey through life together are some of our favorites. From the quiet moments as you prepare for your "I do's" all the way through your after party, we want to be there to cheer you on and capture your unique story in a way that is freely and authentically you.

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Dallas, Texas | husband and wife | documentary Destination Wedding photographers

leaders in the Dallas Wedding industry and internationally published

MAGICAL human beings.

christina and will are

They were out biggest cheerleaders and they make promises that they keep. 

This review has been put off for far too long. Truly. But it's hard to write at the same time, and I love to write. It's hard because no matter what I say it won't do The MacMeekens justice.

It won't convey how months later, looking at our photos again, we still cry. It won't make you understand how much their love meant to us, how when Christina told us they were going to be our biggest cheerleaders they weren't just trying to sell us a photo package. This review won't make you understand how much it meant to us that they spent time learning Spanish so that they could talk to my husband, and it won't help you feel the joy we did the first time we heard one of them say, "DALE PUES!" More than anything, this review will inadequately demonstrate the value of true and honest allyship.

Will and Christina are a phenomenal team. They make promises that they keep. Being with them, whether it's on zoom, at dinner, or in the middle of a shoot, is a joy. It's impossible to talk to them and not smile. To not be happy. Somehow, they have learned to make the awkward moments fun, and they are experts at catching the fun moments.

I'd do it all over again if I knew I'd be working with them. They are people we feel so lucky to have in our lives, not just as our photographers, but our friends.

-The Goldens

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CEO & co-Lead Wedding Photographer


Here's the tea about Will: 

Hey there! I'm Will, the other half of The MacMeekens dynamic duo, capturing unforgettable moments as a DFW wedding photographer. With my wife, Christina, I work tirelessly behind the lens to transform your love story into visual masterpieces. I'm a Dallas-Fort Worth documentary wedding photographer originally from the sunny skies and white sandy beaches of St. Petersburg, Florida, who embraced the concrete jungle of Dallas in 2003.

When I'm not actively photographing weddings, you'll find me immersed in post-production wizardry, ensuring every shot becomes a work of art. Whether it's enhancing vibrancy, fine-tuning details, or adding that extra touch of magic, I'm here to make sure your photos look absolutely breathtaking.

Outside of wedding venues and Photoshop, I'm a husband, dad, and adventurer at heart. An unusual mix of adrenaline junkie and epic nerd, you'll find me mountain biking, playing table-top RPGs, or checking out our local breweries in my free time.

Together with Christina, we make the ultimate collaborative team. Our goal? To give you photos that not only capture your personality but also leave you in awe.

So, whether it's a candid shot, a sweeping landscape, or a breathtaking portrait, rest assured that I'm dedicated to ensuring your photos are nothing short of spectacular. As a destination wedding photographer, I can't wait to be a part of your wedding day and create lasting memories you'll cherish forever.

CEO & co-Lead Wedding Photographer

Meet Christina MACMEEKEN

Here's the tea about Christina: 

Hey there! I'm Christina, one half of The MacMeekens, a Dallas-Fort Worth based husband and wife wedding photography duo specializing in capturing inclusive and authentic love stories just like yours.

I'm an emotion-loving sap and an unashamed nerd. My mission? To be your best Dallas wedding photographer, preserving your one-of-a-kind love story with all the quirks, giggles, and tear-inducing moments intact. I believe every couple deserves to have their unique personalities shine through in their photos, so your grandkids can see just how cool you were when you tied the knot.

When I'm not behind the lens, I'm a homeschool mom to two amazing kiddos, with my partner-in-crime (and life), Will, right there with me in this adventure. Together, we're like the dynamic duo of living life to its fullest while also capturing epic love stories.

My photography style? Well, it's kind of like a unicorn: unique, bold, vibrant, and always focused on capturing those authentic connections between you and your love. I'm a DFW wedding photographer committed to raw emotion, unique storytelling, and turning your wedding day into epic art.

But here's the real deal: we're all about making your wedding experience as stress-free as possible. Whether you want to start your day with goat yoga, sip mimosas over brunch, explore far-off hiking trails, or just be pampered at the spa, we've got your back. No stiff, posed photo shoots here on your wedding day. We want you to spend your day enjoying the company of your loved ones, not worrying about the camera.

So, if you're dreaming of a destination wedding and seeking an award-winning international photographer who can bring your vision to life, or if you're a couple who's ready to let your personality shine, laugh uncontrollably, and maybe even shed a happy tear or two – let's chat. We're here to make your wedding day unforgettable, authentically you, and filled with epic memories that'll last a lifetime.

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Emotive & one of a kind wedding Photography For

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Heck. Freaking. Yes. We are based out of DFW and Houston but will go wherever your story is taking place- whether that be on top of a snow-covered mountain, on a white sandy beach or in a historic European village. The world is our canvas and you are the paint.

Most couples start calling us their wedding besties about 12-16 months before their big day. We do only take a limited number of weddings per year so availability fills up quickly.



Heck yes, it's always us! We shoot every wedding together (whether we like it or not ;P) . We value the trust you put into us as your photographers and sure as hell wouldn't want to miss out on a good party. So yes, it's always us. Period. 

We strive to allow you to live your wedding day as it unfolds authentically. uninterrupted, and undisturbed by our presence. We let your desires dictate the timeline rather than our timeline dictating your day. We’ve been known to stand on chairs shooting high in the sky, slide on the ground under tables, and shoot through legs, arms and whiskey glasses to create something unique, epic and unexpected while also patiently waiting for magic emotion to happen naturally. 



ABSOLUTELY!!! Love is love, boo. And we are here to celebrate your love no matter your gender, orientation, race, religion, or creed!

Portrait sessions are delivered within 2-3 weeks of your session. Wedding galleries are delivered within 10-12 weeks of your wedding day. We know the wait for photos can feel like an eternity but I promise you won’t regret giving us the time to dive in and fully curate your story.